Digital Tachograph Card

Digital Tachograph Cards: What They Are, How They Work, and Their Importance

Digital tachograph cards are crucial for transportation industry safety and compliance. The record commercial vehicle and driver data.

What is a Digital Tachograph Card?

A digital tachograph card records data on commercial vehicles, including speed, distance, driving time, driver working hours, rest, and breaks. It uses a smart card inserted into a tachograph in the vehicle

How Does a Digital Tachograph Card Work?

The digital tachograph card communicates with the digital tachograph in the vehicle to record data such as speed, distance, and driving time during a journey. This information is stored on the smart card and can be read by authorized readers to monitor compliance with regulations and assess vehicle and driver performance.

Why are Digital Tachograph Cards Important?

Digital tachograph cards are essential for several reasons:

  • Digital tachograph cards ensure compliance with regulations regarding working hours, breaks, and rests.
  • They monitor vehicle and driver performance, improve safety and keep an accurate record of a commercial vehicle’s activities.
  • The data recorded can be used to identify areas for improvement and enhance vehicle and driver efficiency and productivity.


In conclusion, digital tachograph cards are an important tool for ensuring the compliance, safety, and performance of commercial vehicles and their drivers. By recording data about the vehicle and its driver, digital tachograph cards provide a valuable source of information for compliance and safety audits, as well as for monitoring and improving the performance of the vehicle and its driver

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