HGV Driver Tacho Test

Tacho & Drivers Questionnaire

1) For drivers operating under EU 561/2006 a working week is considered to be what?(Required)
2) A driver starts driving at 09:30hrs. If they drive continuously, what is the latest time they must have stopped by for a statutory break?(Required)
3) What is the maximum fortnightly driving time allowed?(Required)
4) What is the regular day period?(Required)
5) If a driver drives for 56 hours in one week, how many hours can they drive in the following week?(Required)
6) What is the maximum number of hours you can work in a week excluding POA/rest?(Required)
7) What is the average number of hours you must not exceed at the end of the reference period?(Required)
8) How long can you work for without taking a break?(Required)
9) What is the minimum weekly rest period?(Required)
10) A driver can exceed driverโ€™s hours (under unforeseen circumstances) until?(Required)
11) When should you check the maximum height of your vehicle?(Required)
12) When can you use your mobile phone when driving?(Required)
13) If you approach a bridge and youโ€™re in cab is height marker is set higher than the bridge height sign, what should you do?(Required)
14) How do you show a work period on your tacho head buttons?(Required)
15) How do you show a rest period on your tacho head buttons?(Required)
16) How do you show a POA on your tacho buttons?(Required)
17) When must you start using your tachograph recording equipment?(Required)
18) Drivers must be able to produce to any authorised inspecting officer their tachograph records for?(Required)
19) When should you do a manual entry?(Required)
20) What is period of availability?(Required)
21) Which one of the following statements is false?(Required)
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Thank you for taking our HGV Driver Tacho Test, one of our driving team will contact you shortly with your results.

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